The Dino-Lite AM4515TL Edge series handheld microscope features improved optics for sharper images,Long Working Distance (LWD) and Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) for easy measurement. With these features, this model is extends Dino-Lite’s applications in long working distance to higher magnification range and better image quality.

The specialized software bundled with this product (DinoCapture 2.0) allows users to calibrate the microscope, capture & annotate images, measure image features, and record video. With the Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) feature, measuring image features becomes as easy as point-and-click. Users are not bothered with manually reading and entering the magnification into the software before every measurement, which increases efficiency and reduces the potential for human error.

This model also features a scroll lock on the magnification dial to secure the dial and fix the focus and magnification, which can be helpful to prevent unintentional rotations of the dial. Other standard features include the MicroTouch shutter button for quick and convenient picture taking and eight high-intensity white LEDs that fully illuminate the viewing subject.

For applications that require transmitted polarizing illumination, such as optical mineralogy, we recommend purchasing the Dino-Lite BL-ZW1 backlight pad as an added accessory.

Also work with Accessory - N3C-R (Ring Light Cap)
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