The MS-W1 roller rack with HD-M1 holster is a purposefully crafted yet minimalistic designed stand that snuggly holsters the Dino-Lite handheld microscopes in place. The arcs on the MS-W1 let users to easily examine cylindrical objects such as roller printing rolls with ease. The barrel rollers at the bottom of the arcs are wrapped in rubber which also helps prevents the stand from scratching or harming the surfaces it is examining. The tubular objects it can examine would need to be greater than 7 centimeters in diameter for the stand to be effective.

With the two barrel rollers, the MS-W1 stand can also be rolled forward or backward which is great for surface inspection; such as inspection of artwork, blank PC boards, or any other flat surfaces.

The HD-M1 holster included with the MS-W1 roller rack can be separated and be attached to poles 10mm or 8mm in diameter. The Dino-Lite is secured in place on the holster by a single thumbscrew. The holster is secured to a guidance pole also with a separate thumbscrew.
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