DinoCapture 2.0 for Windows / Troubleshooting
Why doesn’t the preview window show as I open DinoCapture 2.0?

The default position of the DinoCapture 2.0 preview screen is set as undocked. There is a possibility that the preview window had been moved off screen unintentionally when you used the software last time.

To get the preview window back on screen, you will need to change the default setting of DinoCapture 2.0 by following the below steps:
1. Close DinoCapture 2.0 if it is currently opened.
2. Select Start Menu > Documents, and open the Digital Microscope folder > Setting folder.
3. Open the file DC20.ini in a text editor.
4. Change the line from “Save_Preview_Window_Position=on” to “Save_Preview_Window_Position=off”.
5. Save the changed file, and reopen DinoCapture 2.0.

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